Myfanwy Wallwork

Executive General Manager - Regulatory Compliance Global

Myfanwy Wallwork is the Executive General Manager for Regulatory Compliance Global, leading an international cross-functional team comprising product, content, sales and marketing.  Regulatory Compliance is an obligation register and alerting solution designed to assist compliance and legal professionals understand and demonstrate their compliance with multiple legal and regulatory instruments.

Myfanwy is also the Executive Sponsor for LexisNexis Australia’s Rule of Law program and has worked with government organisations across the Pacific, including the Australian Human Rights Commission, to ensure that legal materials are accessible and actionable. One of her notable roles was part of the Expert Reference Group for the Human Rights and Technology Project, led by the Commission.  Following the release of the final report, Myfanwy is keen to further this work by demonstrating the financial and non-financial benefits of adhering to international human rights principles within governance frameworks.