PCLaw Plus

PCLaw Plus is an all-in-one practice management solution for small law firms

With over 6,000 users in the Australian legal market, our user-friendly PCLaw Plus practice management software is designed specifically to help small practices run their firm more effectively by capturing, managing and organising day-to-day information.

Larger firms may find Lexis Affinity Library more suited to their business needs.

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General Information
Subject AreaPractice Management
Updatesonline access; regularly updated; charged annually
  • Fully integrated practice management system streamlines your business by reducing the amount of time spent on tracking research, billing, writing cheques and managing client trust funds
  • Expedites the billing process with simple to use customisable billing functionality
  • Allows you to manage your accounts receivable and create financial and productivity reports by client, lawyer and type of law or matter
  • Integrates with LexisNexis AU, our online research solution. This reduces the amount of time spent on research and it maintains your firm’s reputation by accessing the most trusted legal publications both from Australia and overseas
  • Experience peace of mind with access to a comprehensive precedents library and trusted legal research solutions
  • Effective document management and e-mail management ensures you can store your documents in an effective manner and access them easily
  • Effective time recording ensures you capture all your billed time worked and reduces leakage.
  • Real time productivity reports help you easily identify most profitable clients, staff and practice areas. Make informed business decisions and analyse practices performance
  • User friendly interface – intuitive and easy to use with little training required
  • Reduce training costs with only one system to learn
  • Industry leading product installation, training and Helpline support
  • Meet trust accounting rules and regulations with confidence
  • Software licenses
  • Software version updates
  • A choice of precedent libraries
  • Online Research, including premium legal titles such as LexisNexis Case Law and Legislation & Commentary
  • Installation, including expert training and support

All of these features are conveniently packaged into a single, tailored, cost effective solution, where you only receive one invoice from one supplier. With one system, one interface and one supplier to deal with, this solution makes managing your practice simple.

Across Australia our large team of dedicated trainers, support specialists and Relationship Managers can help you achieve your practice objectives with years of experience working in and with law firms.

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