Ritchie's Uniform Civil Procedure NSW

Practical, reliable, authoritative and current, Ritchie’s Uniform Civil Procedure NSW is a three volume annotated work essential for anyone who practices civil litigation in NSW. Ritchie’s covers all tiers of court procedure within the one publication, providing expert annotation of legislation as well as comprehensive practice material to ensure customers have quick access to all of the relevant information that they need. Annotations and legislation are regularly updated both online and in hardcopy to reflect legislative amendments ensuring customers are always kept abreast of any changes in NSW civil procedure.

General Information
AuthorPeter Taylor, Dr Elwyn Elms, Michael Meek SC, The Hon Justice Geoffrey Bellew
Subject AreaLitigation, Practice and Procedure
Updates3 looseleaf volumes; approx 8 updates per year
Charging MethodAnnual
Publication Year 2005
UpdatesOnline; Updated as developments occur; charged annually
Charging MethodAnnual
Publication Year 2005
LexisNexis Red
Charging MethodAnnual
FormatiPad and Windows PC
  • Uniform Civil Procedure Rules
  • Supreme Court
  • District Court
  • Local Court
  • Local Court Practice Guide
  • Evidence Act
  • Court Suppression
  • Vexatious Proceedings
  • Practice Notes
  • Other Legislation
  • Forms
  • Practice Decisions
  • Dust Diseases Tribunal

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