LexisNexis® Mobility

LexisNexis Mobility provides the legal industry with a proven solution to secure and manage all your smartphones and tablets. It is designed to help you protect your sensitive information and support your mobile users.

It helps you better secure and manage different mobile devices by focusing on the core concerns of these devices used in the workforce: Policy, Asset Management, Security and User Support.


Update your mobile policy to include BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) considerations.

LexisNexis Mobility can help you to write and enforce a BYOD policy that reflects your organisation:

  • Balanced Policy: Collaborate with IT, Finance, HR, and practitioners to create a balanced policy that meets the needs of the business and the users.
  • BYOD: Implement a forward thinking policy that provides flexibility but also maintains security.
  • Control Spend: Ensure the firms' position is clear and staff expectations are set around personal usage and spend.

Asset Management

LexisNexis Mobility provides the following device management services:

  • Device Management: Enrol devices and deploy policies, profiles and settings remotely.
  • Application Management: Publish an app store highlighting recommended and blacklisted applications. Control the deployment and removal of apps to staff.
  • Lost/stolen Devices: Locate, lock and push messages to missing devices.


LexisNexis Mobility can help you keep your organisation’s data safe on mobile devices:

  • Access Management: Centrally manage access to corporate email, Wi-Fi, VPN
  • Enforce Policy: Set automated workflows to protect data which are triggered when a policy is breached.
  • Protect Information: Enforced passcodes on employees devices
  • Remote Lock/Wipe Content: The ability to remotely lock devices and wipe sensitive data from compromised devices.
  • Secure Content Locker: Centrally manage distribution and access to sensitive documents via mobile devices.

Support Users

LexisNexis Mobility provides 24/7 support for practitioners through a dedicated helpdesk run by Mobile Mentor. We will support your users on any device, saving them time and increasing their productivity. Monthly App Innovation Webinars are also made available, providing advice on the best apps for the legal sector.

To find out more, contact your Relationship Manager for an initial discussion or call 1800 772 772.

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