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LexisNexis Academic is a reliable online source of news, business and legal information created specifically with the Academic market in mind. Developed with LexisNexis experience as an authoritative provider of research solutions to professionals, LexisNexis Academic provides premium full text and abstracted sources to help students, librarians and academics retrieve the results that they need. LexisNexis Academic can be integrated into your libraries' current environment providing fast access to over 6,000 international and local publications. The powerful search interface is easy-to-use and caters to the needs of both basic and advanced researchers.

General Information
Subject AreaNews & Business
  • Content available includes:
  • News - Full-text coverage of international, national and regional newspapers along with ABIX abstracts, wire services, transcripts and non-English language news sources
  • Business - International and local business and financial news including industry, market research and stock reports
  • Legal - Access to international primary source material including case law and statutes along with international secondary sources such as legal news and law reviews
  • Shepard's Citation Service - Coverage of all US Supreme, Federal and State Court cases in the well known Shepard's format
  • Country Analysis - Access to over one million documents that include economic, business and political risk information on 154 industries across 190 countries

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