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Visualfiles is a business process solution for the daily tasks performed across your firm. It delivers value through structured, automated, and customised workflow tools to improve your firm's efficiency, quality assurance, and compliance.

Streamline working practices by accessing all of your file management tools with an easy-to-use email solution interface. This means less time managing client documents, email, financial information, and contact details, without needing to learn a new system. Integration with existing systems will improve practice productivity.

Lexis Visualfiles offers clear benefits to drive your business:

Promote client service and compliance: With a streamlined, complete and searchable email and document filing system. Save time dealing with incoming and outgoing electronic documents and

Significant efficiency gains: Gain efficiency and accuracy with built-in automated prompts for correspondence, documents, precedents, email and forms. Reduce effort and errors associated with duplication of data between different systems. Improve speed of service through integration of systems to eliminate paper processes, multiple logins and system searches.

Improve productivity: Enhance practitioner productivity by using one solution to access all your required systems. Improving navigation between systems and access to information. Reduce scope for time leakage through context sensitive, prompted time recording.

Relationship intelligence: A self maintaining contact and relationship management system allows you to:
- Improve client relationship intelligence
- Enhance data sources for conflict checking procedures

Flexibility and convenience: Presents practitioners with a 360° view of all files simultaneously. The solution is quick to deploy, easy-to-use, and simple to train on due to its 'out of box' nature.

Rapid return on investment: Used by numerous Australian top tier and boutique law firms, corporations, and government departments, Lexis Visualfiles is a powerful, cost-effective option that is scalable to meet your requirements. It delivers immediate business value with affordable subscription options. This not only avoids up-front capital investment but also demonstrably offsets costs against the corresponding periodic benefits accrued.

Please visit www.lexisnexis.com.au/visualfiles for more information

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