Legal Costs New South Wales Online

Legal Costs NSW compiles and provides legislation, commentary and case digests to materials relevant to legal costs in New South Wales, ACT and Federal jurisdictions.

General Information
AuthorGrace, J; Ashe, A
Subject AreaLitigation, Practice and Procedure
UpdatesOnline; regularly updated; charged annually
Charging MethodAnnual
  • Recent Developments
  • Assessment
  • Principles and Practice of Costs
  • Legal Profession
  • Supreme Court
  • Civil Procedure
  • District Court
  • Local Courts
  • Workers' Compensation/Industrial Relations
  • Criminal/Legal Aid
  • Conveyancing/Stamp Duties/Government Charges
  • Other Courts and Tribunals
  • Fees and Expenses
  • NSW Precedents
  • Case Summaries
  • Case Digest
  • High Court
  • Federal Court
  • Family Law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Other Courts and Tribunals. Fees and Expenses
  • Federal Proceedings (Costs) Act/SEPA
  • Federal Precedents
  • Compendium of Previous Scales
  • Companion to Legal Costs NSW - Previous Scales

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