Intellectual Property Precedents

This is the only Australian looseleaf service to provide detailed intellectual property precedents, so you no longer have to search across numerous products to locate the precedents you need.Intellectual Property Precedents contains detailed precedents and concise introductory notes across intellectual property subject areas such as branding, science, technology and entertainment. Clear and easy-to-use, this work is an ideal complement to existing LexisNexis major works on Intellectual Property: Copyright and Designs (IPC); Patents, Trade Marks & Related Rights (IPP) and Intellectual Property Reports (IPR).The introductory notes will detail where such precedents should be used and, where necessary, will note important cases/legislation that helped frame the precedent.

General Information
Subject AreaIntellectual Property
Updates1 looseleaf volume; approx 2 updates and 2 bulletins per year; charged per issue
Charging MethodPer Issue
Publication Year 2005
Updatesonline access; approx 2 updates and 2 bulletins per year; charged annually
Charging MethodAnnual
Publication Year 2005
  • Science and Technology Commercialisation
  • Brand Management
  • Entertainment, Media and Copyright Agreements
  • Technology Contracts, Licences, Agreements
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Litigation Precedents
  • General Intellectual Property Agreements

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