LexisNexis® CaseMap®

LexisNexis CaseMap is a fact and issue management software solution, providing you with flexible ways to exceed client expectations.

From the beginning of your case to the end, LexisNexis CaseMap equips litigation professionals with the ability to bring together relevant facts, documents, parties and issues relating to a case, into a workflow that facilitates case management from initial client consultation to court.

Case management
CaseMap is a powerful case mapping workflow solution, taking you from initial client consultation through to presenting a case to court. It allows you to manage all information relating to a case within the software.

Case assessment
CaseMap allows you to evaluate the relationship between different types of case information, and easily identify the facts that support your issue, to help you gain leverage when you need it most.

Collaboration with colleagues
CaseMap allows you to minimise document reproduction costs and greatly improve ‘shareability’ both within your firm and with other stakeholders.

Enhanced reporting
Create our popular ReportBooks in 3 clicks for easier fact tracking, information sharing and analysis. ReportBooks allows you to brief clients and stakeholders quickly, thoroughly and professionally, and is a great tool to help you prepare more thoroughly for arbitration and trial.

Easy implementation
CaseMap is easily downloaded to a Windows PC and requires no additional investment in infrastructure.

Experience you can trust
LexisNexis is an experienced provider of legal software solutions with expertise in the development and implementation of legal workflow solutions.

Add-on LexisNexis TimeMap
LexisNexis TimeMap complements CaseMap by helping you to transform case facts into high quality visual timelines in seconds. TimeMap can be used to create more impact at trials or to help you visually understand, analyse and communicate the facts in your case.

Please note: CaseMap and TimeMap are US products and only work with US content. For further information, please see the LexisNexis US CaseMap site.


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