Banking & Finance Collection

LexisNexis Banking and Finance collection will ensure you stay on top of developments as this practice area deals with vast legislative and policy compliance issues from emerging legislation. This package includes expert commentary, daily legal updates and specialist publications.

Financial Services Australia
Stay up to date and understand the changes to financial services law and policy stemming from the passage of the Financial Services Reform (FSR) Act 2001, and its effect on the Corporations Act, with insightful practical commentary from expert authors in the financial services industry.

Financial Services Newsletter
Financial Services Newsletter is a guidance tool which provides you with regular analysis and expert commentary about the impact of the FSR regime on your organisation.

Anti-Money Laundering and Financial Crime
This service will keep you abreast of all the developments in this rapidly changing area – helping you understand and meet your obligations.

Australian Banking and Finance Law
Provides an in-depth analysis of current and emerging legal and policy issues.

Australian Corporate Finance Law
This service contains detailed chapters covering all your corporate finance law needs, encompassing Australian debt capital markets, secured financing, takeovers and assets, conflict of law and consequences of corporate financing.

Law of Superannuation
Law of Superannuation neatly brings together superannuation, trust and taxation law, making sense of these complex and dynamic areas in an authoritative set of commentary and legislation.

Superannuation Law Bulletin
Written in a concise and accessible style, it provides in-depth analysis of the latest developments in superannuation law with a practical focus on its complex array of taxation, compliance and prudential issues.

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