Australian Tenancy Practice and Precedents

The publication is a must-have resource for legal practitioners to use when drafting and executing leases on behalf of landlords and tenants. Volume 1 includes comprehensive commentary on tenancy law directed at barristers and judges who have to write advices and judgments. It also includes cross-references to and commentary upon the precedents in volume 2, and a detailed analysis of the law relating to arbitration and alternative dispute resolution. Volume 2 provides detailed casenotes, precedents and outlines. This includes the most important pleadings which a trial lawyer will need to commence and defend tenancy cases. A Bulletin highlighting key cases and legislative developments related specifically to tenancy law is issued with most services.

General Information
AuthorCassidy, D I; Redfern, M R
Subject AreaLeases & Tenancies
Updates2 looseleaf volumes; frequent updates per year; charged per issue.
Charging MethodPer Issue
UpdatesOnline; regularly updated; charged annually
Charging MethodAnnual
  • Commentary
  • Leases: Features, Licences, Types of Tenancy, Method of Creation, Communal Tenancies, Methods of Granting Leases; Green Leases
  • Business Premises: Shops, Shopping Centres, Offices, Factories, Warehouses, Restaurants and Cafes, Hotels and Motels, Cinemas, Theatres and Places of Entertainment, Franchises, Petrol and Service Stations
  • Agricultural Lettings
  • Leases of Vacant Land
  • Communal Lettings
  • Dealings with Part of Land
  • Agreements to Lease
  • Assignment
  • Subleases
  • Mortgages of Leaseholds
  • Recovery of Compensation for Injuries caused by the Condition of Leased Premises and their Surrounds
  • Options and Rights of Pre-emption
  • Restrictive and Anti-Competitive Practices
  • Unfair Business Conduct
  • Termination of Tenancies
  • Supplementary Agreements
  • Title, Date, Parties and Table of Contents
  • Recitals
  • Agreement
  • Interpretation
  • Grant of the Leased Premises
  • Qualifications to Grant
  • Tenants' Covenants: Financial Obligations, Other Obligations
  • Tenant's Covenants: Other Obligations
  • Landlords' Covenants
  • Head Lessor's Covenants
  • Assignee's Covenants
  • Mutual Covenants
  • Further Conditions
  • Schedule
  • Witnessing Clauses
  • Attestation Clauses
  • Attachments, Annexures and Exhibits
  • Miscellaneous
  • Casenotes
  • Outlines
  • Leases
  • Subleases
  • Assignments
  • Surrenders
  • Supplementary Agreements
  • Precedents
  • Key Precedents Leases: Business, Agricultural, Land Only, Agreements for Lease
  • Subleases: Business, Agricultural, Land Only, Agreements for Subleases
  • Introductory Clauses
  • Grant Clauses
  • Tenant's Covenants
  • Landlord's and Other Covenants
  • Mutual Covenants
  • Further Conditions to Attachments
  • Miscellaneous Precedents
  • Trade Practices Act Forms
  • Petroleum Retail Marketing Franchise Act Forms
  • Commercial and Retails Tenancies
  • Agricultural Tenancies
  • General
  • Letters and Reports

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