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The Family Law Act, Rules and Regulations appear in full text with detailed commentary and guidance on the practice and procedure of family law matters such as making applications for dissolution of marriage, injunctions and appeals. All the information you will need to prepare a family law case is at your disposal.The Family Law Reports are a useful and convenient research tool for practitioners of family law.The CD provides the complete coverage of reports relating to family law since 1976 to current.The Reports are a valuable point of reference to ensure accurate and thorough research.The judgments from the Family Court and all other superior courts in which matters relating to family law are reported.Clear, concise headnotes precede each case, setting out the key facts and the points of law involved.The proven quality and reliability of the paper products are retained, while incorporating the significant electronic benefits derived from Folio Views, the accepted industry standard retrieval software.

General Information
AuthorChisholm, R
Subject AreaFamily Law
UpdatesOnline; Updated as developments require.
Charging MethodAnnual
  • Recent Developments
  • Family Law Act
  • Family Law Rules
  • Family Law Regulations
  • Child Support
  • WA Family Court Act and Regulations
  • Practice and Precedents
  • Practice Directions
  • Prescribed Forms
  • Legal Aid/Costs
  • Primary Dispute Resolution Services
  • Marriage Act and Regulations
  • Related Commonwealth Legislation
  • Evidence Act
  • Federal Magistrates Act
  • Federal Magistrates Regulations
  • Federal Magistrates Rules
  • Superannuation
  • Bulletins
  • Family Law Reports 1976 to current

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