Australian Commercial Arbitration

Annotations for domestic arbitration

Providing practitioners with crucial information to help them conduct domestic arbitration matters more confidently and efficiently

Australian Commercial Arbitration is an online subscription service that responds to the increasing volume of domestic arbitration by providing detailed annotations that explain the meaning and application of the Uniform Commercial Arbitration legislation.

How can Australian Commercial Arbitration add value to your practice?

  • Save time searching for specific provisions — the service is structured to follow the provisions of the legislation for ease of use
  • Provide quick and accurate advice to your clients — our detailed analysis will supply you with the knowledge you need for dispute resolution
  • Know where you stand with your cases — case references will keep you informed of relevant case law, with links to LawNow and CaseBase
  • Get expert guidance — our authors share their expertise on the principles and procedures under the act
  • Be on top of all your cases — the service is regularly updated and provides references to relevant articles
  • Work smarter — we give you practical examples to explain the Uniform Commercial Arbitration Act’s operation

General Information
AuthorsHockley, J J; Croft, C
Subject AreaCommercial Arbitration Act
Updates3 - 4 updates per year
Charging MethodAnnual
Publication Year2014

Australian Commercial Arbitration allows for a more intelligent and efficient handling of dispute resolutions with its key features.

  • Well-structured and easy-to-use, following the provisions of the legislation
  • Detailed analysis of the legislation and relevant case law, linking to LawNow and CaseBase
  • Practical examples to explain the Uniform Commercial Arbitration Act’s operation
  • References to relevant articles
  • Regularly updated
  • Expert authors in the principles and procedures under the Uniform Commercial Arbitration Act

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