Administrative Law Decisions

The only authorised report series for decisions of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal, this work is the most reliable source of administrative case law available to the Australian practitioner. Judgments from the High Court, Federal Court, Federal Magistrates Court and ACT Administrative Appeals Tribunal on matters of interest to administrative lawyers are also included. Detailed notes prepared by expert authors accompany each reported judgment. Both full and partial text judgments are reported in this series to ensure breadth and depth of coverages.

General Information
AuthorAllars, M
Subject Area Administrative Law
Country Australia
Report Series
Updates Advance parts (issued every 2-3 weeks) and bound volumes (5-6 per year); charged per volume. Loose parts and bound volume, or bound volume subscriptions available. Consolidated Tables and Index available.
Charging Method Per Volume
Format Report Series
Publication Year 1976
UpdatesOnline; Updated as developments require
Charging Method Annual
Format Online
Publication Year 1997
  • Authorised Full and Partial Text Judgments of the Administrative Appeals Tribunal
  • Table of Cases Reported
  • Table of Cases Judicially Considered
  • Table of Statutes Considered
  • Consolidated Indexes and Tables Published every five Bound Volumes
  • Consolidated Index and Tables Published every 20 volumes
  • Links to PDF versions of cases for user to print same format as hard copy
  • Hyperlinks to other LN Reports Series available online

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