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Success Stories

Sparke Helmore Case Study

Sparke Helmore

A large law firm chooses Lexis Visualfiles to develop an innovative solution to increase efficiency within the firm and improve client engagement and delivery on critical projects.

Discover how Sparke Helmore used Visualfiles’ functionalities to enable the essential integration needed with the firm’ other systems and see how the scalable solution met the firm’s unique demands of workflow, project management and reporting requests of clients.

“The user and cost efficiencies of Lexis Visualfiles benefited Sparke Helmore and helped us launch a more efficient service. We were delighted to be able to provide our client with an improved view of its projects. Thanks to elements of Lexis Visualfiles, we were able to deliver this innovative client service on time and on budget.”
— Peter Campbell, Chief Information Officer and Knowledge Director,Sparke Helmore

Gordon & Barry Case Study

Gordon & Barry Lawyers

Gordon & Barry Lawyers is a specialist family law firm offering tailored solutions for large or small matters in a cost-conscious manner. With their professional skills that include negotiation, collaboration and litigation, they aim to develop solution-focused strategies for their clients and have harnessed the power of Lexis Affinity to help them achieve this strategic goal.

Read this case study and see how Gordon & Barry Lawyers maximised Lexis Affinity to maintain a competitive edge even with larger firms.

“It is clear that Lexis Affinity is the right choice for our firm. It allows us to save time and money. The value of the product is reflected in the way everyday tasks have been transformed.”

— David Barry, Legal Practitioner Director, Gordon & Barry Lawyers

Frank Freeman Case Study

Frank Freeman Barrister & Solicitor

A traditional law firm located in central Nelson, New Zealand, specialising in family law and conveyance, reaps long term benefits by implementing PCLaw as their practice management software.

Discover how PCLaw™, thanks to its ease of use, affordability and efficient time-recording system, has helped Frank Freeman Barrister & Solicitor focus on its clients instead of administrative duties.

“With PCLaw, I save an average of one and a half hours per day in time-recording and billing alone! It allows me to practice law efficiently and effectively, with client care a top priority. In addition, my office support is able to easily manage the accounting, and my finances are visible, accurate and up-to-date so management of my practice is minimal effort.”
— Frank Freeman, Principal, Frank Freeman Barrister & Solicitor

Fabbian French Case Study

Fabbian Lawyers

Fabbian Lawyers is an Adelaide-based defence practice specialising in criminal, traffic and professional regulatory and disciplinary matters. They wanted an efficient practice management system to help build their practice from the ground up. See how Fabbian Lawyers used PCLaw to efficiently manage all aspects of the practice.

“When weighing up the advantages of each product, I considered PCLaw to be superior. It was clear that this software allowed me to easily and efficiently attend to time recording and accounting tasks as well as produce and manage file documents and emails. Additionally, I was comforted knowing that the product is provided by a well established and trusted company and that a large number of my colleagues spoke highly of PCLaw.”
— Craig Fabbian, Principal, Fabbian Lawyers

King Cain Case Study

King Cain Solicitors

A medium-size firm, with a team of seven practitioners who cover a broad spectrum of legal practice, selects Lexis Affinity to improve their workflows without disrupting their existing business model.

See how King Cain has improved productivity, saves time and increases profitability thanks to Lexis Affinity.

“Everything Lexis Affinity said it would do - everything it promised - it did. It has definitely improved our efficiencies and even pointed out areas where we were vulnerable and didn’t know so. Without hesitation I’d make the same decision again.”
Matthew Oakley, Partner, King Cain Solicitors

Bonura Legal Case Study

Bonura Legal

A sole practitioner chooses PCLaw Practice Management Software to streamline daily administrative tasks, reducing the need to employ additional administrative staff, and save time and money. See how Bonura Legal has gained competitive edge with PCLaw.

“I didn’t need to look any further; this product covers all my bases. Not only does it give me the accounting software to deal with trusts and office accounts, it also provides the document management system which gives me all my precedents, and also gives me the research which I see as a real bonus of the system.
— Bonura Legal

Crown Law Case Study

Crown Law

A self-funded business unit of the Department of Justice and Attorney-General chooses Lexis Visualfiles to help over 150 lawyers handle 7000 matters a year.

See how Lexis Visualfiles has helped Crown Law improve the quality of their work and therefore the quality of service to their clients.

“Our clients invariably need their legal matters dealt with promptly. By using Lexis Visualfiles, along with the other integrated systems at Crown Law, our lawyers have a streamlined, tailor-made system to help them manage files and access relevant information quickly and easily.”
— Crown Law's General Manager, Paul Davey

Blackstone Waterhouse Case Study

Blackstone Waterhouse

A fast-growing law firm with clients ranging from individuals to publicly-listed corporations in Australia and abroad selects Lexis Affinity to provide clients with dynamic, responsive service at the best value for money.

Find out how Blackstone Waterhouse deployed Lexis® Affinity as a cloud-based practice management service to offer clients round-the-clock access and reduce IT overheads.

“Staff no longer need to wait until they are back in the office to answer client queries or carry out simple tasks. They could be done there and then — from their laptop at court, on a client site or even on the road - a huge edge in today’s fast-paced environment.”
— Blackstone Waterhouse

Lambeth Council Case Study

Lambeth Council

A busy local council in London switches to Lexis Visualfiles after moving from outsourcing its entire legal work to having an in-house legal team, offering their staff the flexibility to work from anyplace, anytime, anywhere while providing access to reliable and up to date information at all times.

Discover how Visualfiles has enabled Lambeth Council to create new business processes for ongoing operational efficiency gains, boost client satisfaction and allowed staff to handle high volume of case work.

“We have created a modern working environment, improved the productivity of staff and department alike, seen visible operational efficiency gains, enhanced the quality of our services and given our staff the necessary flexibility to facilitate a good worklife balance — all enabled by LexisNexis Visualfiles.”
— Gerard Kamath, Business Manager of Legal Services at Lambeth Council

Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania Case Study

Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania

A Legal Aid Commission with an extensive range of clients including solicitors from not-for-profit organisations selects the Lexis Visualfiles system as its preferred solution to deliver immediate value.

Read how Visualfiles has improved the Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania’s efficiency by 50% through the use of structured, automated and customised workflow and an easy-to-use email interface.

“As a result of the development of the Lexis Visualfiles solution, the Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania can now process and allocate grants of aid more efficiently, than any other Legal Aid Commission in Australia.”
— Director, Legal Aid Commission of Tasmania.

WarwickShire County Council Case Study

Warwickshire County Council Legal Services

A business unit offering Legal Services to a County Council in England maximises value from using Lexis Visualfiles by ensuring best use of the case and matter management system.

Find out how Visualfiles and the expertise of the Client Advisor allowed Warwickshire County Council Legal Services to develop more process workflows and facilitate efficient/standardized working practices to improve reporting and billing processes.

“Alongside the technical aspects of Visualfiles... the Client Advisor’s expertise was invaluable to us to develop the relevant business case and identify the resources we would need to manage and implement the project”
— Christine Gardner, Improvement and Support Manager, Warwickshire County Council Legal Services