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Would you like to gain valuable skills without leaving your desk?

Our complimentary webinars are a convenient tool that provide a flexible learning environment combining desktop sharing with phone conferencing. This enables you to see and hear live as the Learning Consultant moves through the functionality step-by-step. These sessions are conducted in groups and training material will be supplied prior to the registered webinar session.

Please click here for the latest webinar schedule.

Course Description Duration Dates
PCLaw Fee Earner Training 1.5 hours 29-Aug-16
Lexis Affinity Report Operations 1.5 hours 05-Sep-16
LAWBase Periodic Interest e-posting system 1.5 hours 06-Sep-16
Lexis Affinity Electronic Billing and Electronic Collections 1.5 hours 12-Sep-16
Lexis Affinity Marketing Management, Events and Mailing List Management 1.5 hours 19-Sep-16
PCLaw Accounts and Operations 1.5 hours 26-Sep-16
Lexis Affinity The Basics Course 1 1.5 hours 03-Oct-16
PCLaw The Basics 1.5 hours 04-Oct-16
Lexis Affinity System Upgrade Course 1.5 hours 10-Oct-16
Lexis Affinity Time Recording and Fee Sheet Operations 1.5 hours 17-Oct-16
Lexis Affinity Electronic Creditor and Accounts Payable Management 1.5 hours 25-Oct-16
Lexis Affinity Tasks, Reminders and Diary Operations and Management 1.5 hours 31-Oct-16
Lexis Affinity The Basics Course 2 1.5 hours 07-Nov-16
Lexis Affinity Collection Plans and Credit Management 1.5 hours 14-Nov-16
Lexis Affinity Advanced Report Customisation and Design 1.5 hours 21-Nov-16
Lexis Affinity End of Financial Year 1.5 hours 07-Dec-16
PCLaw End of Financial Year 1.5 hours 08-Dec-16
Lexis Affinity Introduction to Precedents 1.5 hours 14-Dec-16
Lexis Affinity New Starters Course 1.5 hours 14-Dec-16

Unsure about which course to select? Simply contact your Lexis Affinity Account Manager.

Value Added Services

LexisNexis experts can quickly and cost-effectively provide you with additional tools you can use within your LexisNexis software, such as:

  • Affinity & PCLaw Backup Proving Service
  • Affinity Employee Daily Budgeting
  • Affinity Multi-Party Billing
  • Affinity Enhanced General Ledger Reports

Lexis Consulting Services

Take advantage of our network of highly-skilled Consultants available to support you with:

Project Management, Business Analysis, Business Process Mapping, Application Development, Web Portal Development, Report Writing, Online and Classroom Training, Train the Trainer, Technical and End user documentation and more...

Discuss your requirement with our Consulting team by calling 1800 772 772 or emailing your enquiry.