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Practical Guidance: The ‘how-to’ of legal practice.

How to:

What's Included?

Practical Guidance provides all the content, tools and connectivity that you need to work smarter, faster and with confidence.

Save time

Get straight to the answer with relevant information in one place.

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Guidance – concise guidance notes are written by expert practitioners to help you navigate a matter, surfacing the most relevant information and best practice advice.

Tools – time-saving tools such as calculators, flowcharts and comparators help you make the most of your time.

Checklists – step through pertinent processes to ensure you have everything covered.

Precedents – essential precedents from our LexisNexis suites are included so you can produce fast and accurate documents.

Forms – access up-to-date versions of key forms.

Latest Legal Updates – keep informed on changes and developments affecting your practice and your clients.

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Start on point

Concise guidance notes are a roadmap for your matter, ensuring you start (and stay) on the right track.

Stay informed

Latest legal updates alert you to changes in your areas of practice.

Speed up the process

Tools and checklists step you through pertinent processes, while forms and precedents help you produce fast and accurate documents.

Delve deeper

Direct links to LexisNexis commentary products and primary law.

Legislation – links to relevant legislation in full text are included, sourced from LexisNexis LawNow.

Commentary – extracts and links to LexisNexis commentary products let you move seamlessly into deeper research and analysis.

Cases – links to pertinent cases in full text are included, sourced from LexisNexis reports series and Unreported Judgments.

Does the Annual General Meeting (AGM) need to become an eAGM?

Amid a climate of plunging attendance at the AGM, what technical components or legislative updates are necessary to best suit shareholder needs?


Together with the Governance Institute of Australia, the LexisNexis Practical Guidance team have developed a white paper that tackles this issue.

download this whitepaper


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