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Dive into research without drowning in information.

Practical Guidance: The ‘how-to’ of legal practice.

Practical Guidance Personal Injury NSW

Practical Guidance Personal Injury NSW is a 'how-to' resource for lawyers dealing with personal injury matters.


The module provides step-by-step guidance and best practice advice – supported by on-point cases, legislation, checklists, forms, precedents, tools and trusted LexisNexis deep research materials.


Practical Guidance Personal Injury NSW also includes an exclusive toolkit containing medical tools (including medical terms, abbreviations and diagrams) and time-saving Personal Injury Calculators which:


• Automate the calculations necessary to determine losses under each head of damage;

• Pre-populate values based on the details of each matter and the law as at the relevant date; and

• Determine and apply the appropriate multipliers for calculating future losses.


To see the calculators in action, watch the demonstration video.


Use Practical Guidance Personal Injury NSW to conduct personal injury matters with unprecedented speed and precision.


Authored by specialist practitioners and firms, Practical Guidance is like having an expert at your fingertips.


 What topics are covered?

  • Introduction
  • General procedures and the UCPR
  • The common law and the Civil Liability Act
  • Motor vehicle accidents
  • Workplace injuries – workers compensation
  • Work injury damages
  • Medical negligence
  • Occupiers’ liability and public liability
  • Claims under the Compensation to Relatives Act
  • Nervous shock claims
  • Dust diseases claims
  • Preparation of the claim
  • Medical information

Personal Injury claims in NSW are varied and complex. One of the most difficult areas is medical negligence litigation. Practical Guidance navigates the practitioner through the essentials such as commencing an investigation and identifying the parties and causes of action, up to preparing for trial. It contains the latest updates on relevant case law and legislation and provides everyday examples to illustrate complex issues.


Anna Walsh

Principal and Director, Maurice Blackburn

Meet the Authors

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Amid a climate of plunging attendance at the AGM, what technical components or legislative updates are necessary to best suit shareholder needs?


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