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Practical Guidance: The ‘how-to’ of legal practice.

Practical Guidance Governance

Practical Guidance Governance is a definitive 'how-to' resource for company secretaries, governance and risk professionals.


The module provides step-by-step guidance and best practice advice – supported by on-point cases, legislation, checklists, forms, precedents, tools and trusted LexisNexis deep research materials.


Use Practical Guidance Governance to follow best practice and regulatory requirements around meetings, reporting and disclosure as well as related areas such as the board of directors, not-for-profits, risk management and work health and safety.


Authored by experienced practitioners and providing legal content tailored to the role, Practical Guidance is like having an expert at your fingertips.


 What topics are covered?

  • Governance and the company secretary
  • Legal framework and regulatory compliance
  • Corporate governance
  • Company meetings
  • Board of directors
  • Not-for-profits
  • Risk management
  • Work health and safety

LexisNexis® Practical Guidance Governance has been

co-developed with Governance Institute of Australia.

LexisNexis is the premier global provider of information to corporate, legal, risk management, government, tax, accounting, and academic professionals with rich resources in world-class content and leading-edge technology. This strategic partnership will combine their expertise in developing indispensable knowledge resources, with our mastery of governance knowledge, principles and practices to produce the best, most reliable and user-friendly guidance and tools for governance and risk professionals at any stage in their careers.



Steven Burrell

Chief Executive, Governance Institute of Australia

Meet the Authors

Does the Annual General Meeting (AGM) need to become an eAGM?

Amid a climate of plunging attendance at the AGM, what technical components or legislative updates are necessary to best suit shareholder needs?


Together with the Governance Institute of Australia, the LexisNexis Practical Guidance team have developed a white paper that tackles this issue.

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