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How to:

Navigate the cyber landscape and deal with breaches before, during and after they arise

Practical Guidance: The ‘how-to’ of legal practice.

Practical Guidance Cybersecurity, Data Protection

& Privacy

Practical Guidance Cybersecurity, Data Protection & Privacy is a 'how-to' resource for lawyers navigating the rapidly evolving cyber landscape as they deal with data security, protection and privacy matters. The module provides step-by-step guidance and best practice advice supported by on-point cases, legislation, checklists, forms and precedents, tools and trusted LexisNexis deep research materials.


Use Practical Guidance Cybersecurity, Data Protection & Privacy to follow best practice for matters on data security, mandatory breach notification, transfer of data, cybersecurity strategy and privacy and stay up-to-date on the latest developments to best advise clients.


Provide lawyers who may be inexperienced in particular areas, with a resource that is written by expert authors to guide them in unfamiliar areas of law, with overviews, guidance notes and checklists that ensure all bases are covered.




  • 5 topics
  • 20+ subtopics with overviews
  • 60+ guidance notes
  • 20+ checklists
  • 20+ precedents
  • 80+ legislative references



  • Data Security
  • Mandatory Data Breach Notification
  • Transfer of Data
  • Cybersecurity strategy
  • Privacy

Meet the Authors

Other Contributors

In addition to our featured authors, Maddocks also acknowledges the contributions from Russell Wilson, Georgia Hunt, Ian Ong, Georgia Koskinas, Rafael Perez, Claire Grundy, Claire Thurstans and Jia Xiao.


In addition to our featured authors, Baker McKenzie also knowledges the contributions from Sarah Lee.

Does the Annual General Meeting (AGM) need to become an eAGM?

Amid a climate of plunging attendance at the AGM, what technical components or legislative updates are necessary to best suit shareholder needs?


Together with the Governance Institute of Australia, the LexisNexis Practical Guidance team have developed a white paper that tackles this issue.

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