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Using our unique pre-paid Professional Credit and 'Step Up' to engagement service, you can now connect online with an expert adviser, upload a file, receive a professionally considered response and follow up with an online discussion by voice or video.


Average Response time is 16 Business Hours

If it is agreed by the parties that a formal review of the matter is required, Advisers may download a 'Letter of Engagement' and the matter will progress offline independent of LexisNexis.

Advisers and Subjects

We convene panels of highly regarded professional advisers who are known as experts in a specific jurisdiction.


Advisers are contracted to independently deliver responses and opinion to Members who submit their matters online

via this web site.


Advisers are acting in their Professional capacity with Professional Indemnity covering information published and delivered.

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Opinion or Advice

Responses are a qualified professional opinion – a statement of fact in relation to a specific set of circumstances presented by a member. The process does not initially involve a review of documentation, although this may be requested if the matter is escalated to a video conference.


Advice – if the Adviser determines that a complete answer needs a review of documents and a formal engagement, the Advisor will download an Engagement Letter so the matter can be dealt with offline.  The Adviser is the final arbiter regarding the need for engagement.

Adviser Responses and Indemnity

Advisers are acting in their full professional capacity and all responses are formally considered and recorded. Professional indemnity is invoked under an agreement between Advisers and Information Exchange.