Enhanced Research Solutions for 2012

Innovation through collaboration

In 2011, LexisNexis embarked on a journey of discovery and innovation based on deep customer insights with a vision to bring next generation legal research, workflow solutions and customer experience to the Australian market. On this journey, LexisNexis has focused on:

  • The reengineering of our current business models in order to better serve our customers.
  • Improved collaboration with customers in the development of new solutions for the legal market.

Based on the outcome of this project, LexisNexis will bring you new solutions that have been developed as a result of this vision. Some exciting developments to look forward to in 2012 include:

Premium content in a digital format
A referencing tool providing you with access to trusted LexisNexis legal content in a digital format to be accessed via an iPad or laptop application. The first content set to be made available will be our looseleaf content.

Lexis for Microsoft® Office
A productivity tool for legal drafting that enables partners and their teams to confidently and efficiently make better decisions, deliver quality advice and increase profitability for their business.

Mobile applications
The development of mobile sites for our online solutions meaning you can access them in a format optimised for mobile access. Learn more about our current mobile applications...


CaseBase Enhancements

Appeal Pending Flag

Appeal pending flags will help you or your users to identify when an appeal has been filed against a particular decision. The flag will indicate that even though the case being relied on is currently good law, that an appeal pending against that decision may change the relevant law. This means you will get more timely access to appeals information. At this stage, decisions from the Supreme Court of Northern Territory and Supreme Court of Western Australia will display this feature. The flag will be added for decisions from other courts when the information provided becomes available to LexisNexis from the other courts.

Litigation History

The litigation history of a case will now be displayed separately in CaseBase entries. The CaseBase annotations tables currently flags any related cases available, whether a decision is an appeal against a lower court decision and whether a decision has itself been the subject of an appeal judgment in a higher court. You will now be able to see related and appeal annotations extracted into a separate 'litigation history' table. This means you will be able to see the passage of a decision through the courts and easily identify any related cases.


Abstracts have been added for high profile and legally significant decisions. This abstract content will assist you and your users in locating decisions from 2009 onwards that articulate important legal principles.


These changes will be put into effect from the 20th of March with all updates made by the end of July.

Relocation of catchwords and digest content
The catchwords and digest content has now been moved so that you and your users will now be able to see this information appearing above the annotations tables in case entries. The relocation of this content will mean that information is able to be seen upfront to assist with the more efficient completion of research tasks.


Lexis® Web Beta

Lexis® Web Beta brings you the best of free and LexisNexis legal content together in one easy search to help you find the answers you need. You can browse or search the list of provisions of each Australian Act or Regulation, and jump through to the latest cases and legislative news with links to subscribed content.


Search Assist on LexisNexis AU

Building on the Search Assist functionality brought to you in 2010 this powerful search tool now also provides dynamically updated search suggestions based on text you enter into a search field for forms, precedents and commentary.

Coming soon..."Did you mean?"
To further assist your search experience "Did you mean?" functionality has been developed. This enhancement will suggest alternative search terms in case you have spelt or referred to a term incorrectly. This means you will be able to improve both the efficiency and accuracy of your search.

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