Taxation Laws Of Australia 1936 1990

The full text of all Tax Bills that have amended the Income Tax Assessment Act from 1936 to 1990 are reproduced in this prestigious set of leather-bound volumes. The full package for each Bill is presented, including the Explanatory Memorandum and Second Reading Speech, to provide you with a complete background to legislation from the original Income Tax Assessment Bills to the Capital Gains Tax scheme. You will also receive a range of reference tools, including tables of Bills, related legislation, subject index, to assist in fast location of material

General Information
AuthorLexisNexis Butterworths inhouse editors
Subject AreaTaxation & Revenue
Report Series
Updates25 bound volumes not updated, one off purchase
Charging MethodPer Volume
FormatReport Series
  • Summaries of each Bill Package
  • Explanatory Memorandum
  • Second Reading Speech
  • Amendments (where applicable)
  • Index of Sections Amended
  • Tables of Bills and Related Legislation

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