Legal Costs New South Wales

Re-issued in 1994 to coincide with the implementation of the new regime of costs in NSW, Legal Costs NSW is a three-volume work (together with its companion binder) that provides commentary to legal costs in the NSW, ACT and federal jurisdictions. NSW legislative materials and commentary bridge the changeover from the regulated to deregulated system of costs. Principal content includes relevant Acts and Rules, scales of solicitors' costs, counsel's fees, court fees and government charges. A Case Digest provides summaries of relevant costs cases with each judgment being grouped into topic areas for more targeted research. Legal Costs NSW is useful to practitioners, costs consultants and costs assessors.

General Information
AuthorAshe, A (NSW); Grace, J (Federal)
Subject AreaLitigation, Practice and Procedure
Updates3 looseleaf volumes; approx 6 updates per year; charged annually.
Publication Year 1994
UpdatesRegularly updated; charged annually
  • Assessment
  • Principles and Practice of Costs
  • Legal Profession
  • Civil Procedure
  • Supreme Court
  • District Court
  • Local Courts
  • Workers' Compensation/Industrial Relations
  • Criminal/Legal Aid
  • Conveyancing/Stamp Duties/Government Charges
  • Other Courts and Tribunals Fees and Expenses
  • Case Digest
  • ACT Supreme Court
  • ACT Magistrates Court
  • ACT Stamp Duties
  • ACT Fees and Expenses
  • ACT Compendium of Previous Scales
  • High Court
  • Federal Court
  • Federal Magistrates Court
  • Family Law
  • Bankruptcy
  • Other Courts and Tribunals
  • Fees and Expenses
  • Federal Proceedings (Costs) Act/SEPA
  • Federal Precedents
  • Compendium of Previous Scales
  • Case Summaries
  • Compendium of Previous NSW Scales

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