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The role of the inhouse counsel has become vastly more complex and demanding in recent years. Ever higher standards of corporate governance, disclosure and accountability require equally high levels of skill, professionalism and knowledge on the part of the corporate lawyer.Inhouse counsel are now required to deal with a formidable range of compliance and prudential issues, in areas of law as diverse as trade practices, workplace relations, corporations law and intellectual property. In addition, much work formerly outsourced to legal firms is now being done inhouse.The real strength of Inhouse Counsel lies in its editorial team of senior lawyers. Many are acknowledged leaders in their chosen fields; all are published writers who know how to get straight to the heart of a legal or policy issue.

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General Information
General EditorCaterina Cavallaro, Senior Legal Counsel, Sydney Water
Subject AreaCorporations
Updates10 issues per year
Charging MethodAnnual
FormatHardcopy and online

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