Family Law Reports Online

The Family Law Reports are a useful and convenient research tool for practitioners of family law. You will find selected judgments from the Family Court and all other superior courts in which matters relating to family law are reported. Clear, concise headnotes precede each case, setting out the key facts and the points of law involved. This is a premium and focused law report series specialising in any cases of interest in family law. It is responsive to court reporting processes such as pinpoint paragraphing and the use of media neutral citations. Cases can be searched or browsed for.

General Information
AuthorJessep, O
Subject AreaFamily Law
UpdatesOnline; Updated as developments require.
Charging MethodAnnual
  • Selected judgments (with headnotes) from the Family Court, the Federal Magistrates Court and all other Superior Courts in which Matters Relating to Family Law are decided
  • Links to PDF versions of cases for user to print same format as hard copy
  • Hyperlinks to other LN Reports Series available online

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