Corporate Law Collection

LexisNexis Corporate Law collection provides in-depth expert analysis of legal issues as well as transaction-based, practical content all of which is interlinked to and supported by primary material, including reported cases and legal updates. This package includes Ford’s Principles of Corporations Law, the definitive text on corporations law with expert commentary in a practical and accessible style.

Ford, Austin & Ramsay’s Principles of Corporations Law
Australia’s leading corporate law experts concisely explain the principles of corporations legislation in a practical and accessible style to give you a solid understanding of corporate law.

Australian Corporation Law Legislation
This work provides the most thorough coverage of all legislation relevant to corporate regulation with concise explanations on how the corporate regulatory scheme works.

Australian Corporations and Securities Reports and Australian Company Law Reports
This reports series provides a comprehensive range of corporate and securities cases from the Supreme, Federal and High Courts.

Australian Corporation Law Principles and Practice
This commentary provides access to the knowledge, opinions and expertise of eminent practitioners and academics in corporate law with in-depth treatment of the Corporations Act to prepare you for any matters relating to corporate law.

Australian Corporation Practice
A concise transaction and subject based guide to corporations law, ASIC policy and case law to provide a time-effective solution to the task of researching and applying best corporate practice.

Australian Corporation Law Bulletin
Essential reading for practitioners, professionals and academics requiring speed and breadth of coverage in corporations and securities law matters.

Australian Journal of Corporations Law
A forum for interdisciplinary debate and discussion from leading academics and practitioners of major contemporary policy and research issues affecting company law.

Takeovers and Reconstructions in Australia
The only publication to provide a systematic account of the legal aspects of corporate takeovers, mergers and acquisitions using authoritative commentary by leading practitioners and takeovers experts.

Australian Corporation Law – ASIC Releases
Essential releases by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission including practical tools to assist navigation through the primary materials.

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