Civil Procedure Western Australia

This work offers comprehensive coverage of the civil procedures within the jurisdictions of the Supreme and District Courts of Western Australia. The work includes the essential materials required to bring or defend a civil action in either of these courts including the principal Acts and Rules, related legislation and materials, costs and fees, practice directions, notices/circulars to practitioners, forms, a pragmatic procedure manual, and invaluable commentary by Dr Christopher Kendall and Jeremy Curthoys.

General Information
AuthorDr Christopher Kendall and His Honour Judge Jeremy Curthoys
Subject AreaLitigation, Practice and Procedure
UpdatesOnline; Updated as developments occur
Charging MethodAnnual
Updates3 looseleaf volume; regularly across the year; annual charge.
Charging Method Annual
Format Looseleaf
Updates Online
Charging Method Annual
Format iPad and Windows PC
  • Supreme Court Act
  • Rules of the Supreme Court
  • Costs and Fees
  • Forms
  • Practice Directions
  • Court of Appeal Rules
  • Supreme Court Costs and Fees
  • Supreme Court Forms
  • Supreme Court Practice Directions
  • Common Forms
  • District Court Act
  • Rules of the District Court
  • District Court Cost and Fees
  • District Court Forms
  • District Court Practice Directions
  • Civil Judgments Enforcement Act
  • Civil Judgments Enforcement Regulations
  • Relation Legislation
  • Legal Costs
  • Federal Legal Costs

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