Civil Procedure Queensland

Civil Procedure Queensland is the definitive work for practice in the civil courts of Queensland. For actions brought or defended in the Supreme, District and Magistrates Courts, this work provides all the essential information required in an easy to use practice orientated format.

General Information
AuthorsMultiple Authors. Senior Editor: The Honourable Justice J S Douglas. His Honour Judge D J McGill. Consulting Editor: D Skennar.
Subject AreaLitigation, Practice and Procedure
UpdatesCharged annually; UCPR vols - 7 updates per year; SC vol - 2 updates per year; DMC vol - 2 updates per year
Charging MethodAnnual
Publication Year 1999
UpdatesOnline; Updated as developments require, charged annually
Charging MethodAnnual
Publication Year 1999
LexisNexis Red
Charging MethodAnnual
FormatiPad and Windows PC
  • Uniform Civil Procedure Rules Volumes 1 & 2:
  • Introduction - including Procedural Flowcharts and Comparative Table
  • Annotated Uniform Civil Procedure Rules 1999
  • Forms
  • Commonwealth Legislation
  • Queensland Legislation -Supreme Court of Queensland Act 1991; Acts Interpretation Act 1954; Evidence Act 1977
  • Supreme Court Practice Volume 3:
  • Supreme Court Act 1995
  • Supreme Court Other Legislation
  • Supreme Court Costs and Fees
  • Supreme Court Practice Directions
  • District Court and Magistrates Court Practice Volume 4:
  • District Court Act 1967
  • QCAT
  • Planning and Environment Court
  • District Court Costs and Fees
  • District Court Practice Directions
  • Magistrates Courts Act 1921
  • Magistrates Courts Other Legislation
  • Magistrates Courts Costs and Fees
  • Magistrates Courts Practice Directions

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