Australian Family Law

An essential, practical and time saving tool, this four volume work contains all the information necessary to prepare a family law case — a one-stop shop for federal legislation relating to family law. Australian Family Law also provides guidance on how recent changes will affect day-to-day family law practice. The streamlined product has been designed so that you don't have to wade through unwanted or duplicated material. The following main areas are covered:

Family Court Legislation — provides detailed commentary on the Family Law Act (Cth), Regulations and 2004 Rules. In-depth annotations enable you to see at a glance what the law is, and its interpretation.

Family Court Practice — provides comprehensive coverage of child support, including both legislation and commentary, relevant WA Family Court legislation with commentary, Family Court practice directions, Federal Magistrates Court practice directions, marriage legislation, commentary on costs, and tables and general information. Prescribed and non-prescribed forms are also reproduced.

Related Commonwealth Legislation/Bulletins — provides related Commonwealth legislation, including Federal Magistrates Court and Superannuation legislation. Extensive commentary is included regarding superannuation as the property of separating couples. Regular bulletins keep practitioners up to date with new developments, legislative changes and recent case law.

Practice and Precedents — provides detailed guidance on the procedures involved in family law practice, and a comprehensive selection of precedents, clearly organised in a highly practical format covering a range of family law matters.

General Information
AuthorChisholm, R; Serisier, I
Subject AreaFamily Law
Updates4 looseleaf volumes; includes updates per 12 months; charged annually.
Charging Method Annual
LexisNexis Red
Charging MethodAnnual
FormatiPad and Windows PC
  • Family Court Legislation;
  • Recent Developments
  • Family Law Act
  • Family Law Rules
  • Family Law Regulations
  • Family Court Practice; Child Support
  • WA Family Court Act and Regulations
  • Practice Directions
  • Prescribed Forms
  • Non-Prescribed Forms
  • Legal Aid/Costs
  • Primary Dispute Resolution Services
  • Marriage Act and Regulations
  • Related Commonwealth Legislation; Evidence Act
  • Federal Magistrates Act
  • Federal Magistrates Regulations
  • Federal Magistrates Rules
  • Superannuation
  • Bulletins
  • Practice and Precedents; General Practice Matters
  • Case Management
  • Applications and Affidavits
  • Divorce, Nullity and Validity
  • Maintenance and Child Support
  • Parenting Orders and Agreements
  • Property Orders
  • Superannuation Orders and Agreements
  • Financial Agreements
  • Service
  • Disclosure, Non-Party Production and Subpoenas
  • Terms of Settlement/Consent Orders
  • Injunctions
  • Appeals
  • Enforcement
  • Costs
  • Federal Magistrates Court

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