Abc Of Evidence

This work comprises 62 alphabetically arranged chapters, each chapter being a self-contained treatment of a discrete topic, supported by comprehensive extracts from relevant High Court, New South Wales Court of Appeal and Supreme Court decisions. Reference is also made to English decisions where required. Each chapter states the law as it was prior to the introduction of the Evidence Act 1995 (NSW) but provides a discrete consideration of the impact of the Evidence Act 1995 (Cth) and the Evidence Act 2005 (NSW). This handy and portable reference is aimed at providing a clear, concise and practical statement of the law of evidence and is designed particularly for ease of use in court.

General Information
AuthorReg Bartley, and updated by Troy Anderson, NSW Bar
Subject Area Evidence
Country Australia
Updates1 looseleaf volume; approx 3 updates per year; charged annually.
Charging Method Annual
Publication Year 1995
UpdatesOnline; regularly updated; charged annually
Charging MethodAnnual
LexisNexis Red
Charging MethodAnnual
FormatiPad and Windows PC
  • Reference Section at the End of each Chapter which Digests Cases, Articles and other Items Relevant to the Subject Matter of that Chapter
  • Introductory Commentary to the Evidence Acts 1995 * Evidence Act 1995 (Cth)
  • Evidence Act 1995 (NSW)
  • Evidence Regulation 1995 (NSW)
  • Evidence Regulations (Cth)
  • Evidence (Children) Act 1997
  • Explanatory Statement - Evidence (Audio and Audio Visual Links) Amendment Bill 2001
  • Evidence (Audio and Audio Visual Links) Act 1998 (NSW)

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