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Mike Russell

Operations Director
LexisNexis Pacific

Mike is the Operations Director with overall responsibility for infrastructure and production for LexisNexis’ operations in Australia and New Zealand. His role spans the provision of business infrastructure, business resilience planning, knowledge management and responsibility for the production functions for LexisNexis’ publishing and practice management software development in Australia and New Zealand.

Mike joined the LexisNexis Executive in November 2007 as General Manager Legal Markets with responsibility for restructuring the workflow solutions, customer service, sales and marketing functions LexisNexis Australia across the Legal, Government and Corporate markets. Mike led the customer-centric transformation of these teams to ensure that LexisNexis’ information and workflow solutions meet customers’ needs.

Mike has had a successful career in senior leadership roles across industry sectors such as Federal Government, Funds Management, Software Development, eCommerce, and the leisure and entertainment industries. Mike has worked with leading corporate and government organisations to successfully drive service and sales development, organisation-change and business process improvement programs. He has a strong track record in leading teams to develop and implement new structures and processes to underpin business efficiency and growth.

Immediately prior to joining LexisNexis, Mike was with Locus Pty Limited for nearly eight years. He held senior sales, marketing and product development roles before taking over as Managing Director. He held that position for five years, during which, he led the Locus team to become the leading provider of legal practice management and workflow solutions in Australia, Malaysia and Singapore. Locus was acquired by LexisNexis in November 2007 and Mike was invited to join the Senior Executive team of LexisNexis Australia and to lead the successful joining of the Locus team with LexisNexis to create the workflow solutions and practice management division of the business.

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