Publishing Opportunities with LexisNexis

LexisNexis has a proud tradition of publishing quality legal textbooks to suit the needs of students studying law and commerce in Australia. Our aim is to cover a wide range of subjects across legal and business areas while catering to a variety of teaching styles.

We believe there is always scope for new ideas for publications, including fresh approaches to treating some traditional subject matter. If you have a manuscript or an idea for a publishing project, our Commissioning Editors are interested in hearing from you.

Our highly innovative commissioning and development team has a wealth of experience in academic publishing.  To help you prepare your proposal, please complete our LexisNexis Author Questionnaire and send to the relevant Commissioning Editor 

Excellence and Innovation in the Teaching of Law

LexisNexis - Australasian Law Teachers Association

Since 2008, the LexisNexis-ALTA Award has become a symbol of recognition for Excellence and Innovation in the Teaching of Law.

LexisNexis recognises and rewards international university teachers who demonstrate excellence and innovation in the teaching of law through:

  • curriculum advancement and pedagogical improvements in their courses;
  • engagement with students in order to achieve outstanding learning results;
  • innovation of learning design including the use of technology to achieve improved learning results for students.
LexisNexis and the Australasian Law Teachers Association (ALTA) invite you to submit entries for Major Award and Early Career Law Teacher Award. For entry details and information on the 2012 awards, please visit

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