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The fastest growing area of law.

Ageing population and fast growing area of law

As Australia’s population ages, the legal issues affecting older people are both numerous and complex. With the proportion of the population aged over 65 years projected to nearly double over the next 40 years to around 25%, Elder Law has a great deal of potential for any practitioner who is in the process of building their practice or looking to branch into a new area.

What is Elder Law?

Elder Law is unique because it is defined by the clients, rather than by the areas of law that it covers. Older people face a multitude of issues, including their financial viability, family dynamics, long-term planning for their health care, and end-of-life decisions.


As a result, Elder Law draws on a wide range of practice areas that affect older people and their families, including health law, wills and succession, family law,  discrimination law, as well as litigation.


As a practitioner dealing with older clients, each situation needs to be approached holistically, taking into account not just the relevant branches of the law, but also the personal values and preferences of the individual you are advising. In short, you need to analyse any legal issue from a number of perspectives.


In addition to applying the same measure of professional care, skill and attention as you give to your other clients, older people may require greater understanding and compassion, and highly developed interpersonal skills are needed when addressing their needs

Elder Law in Practice

Perfect supplement to Family Law, Succession Law, and Estate Planning

Elder Law in Practice – New South Wales and Elder Law in Practice – Victoria have been written by a collective of respected authors from several practice areas, reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of this field.


These new titles are designed to assist you to:


  • Understand how to work with older clients
  • Consider your client’s position from a number of perspectives so that you can identify the best possible legal solution for their situation
  • Identify matters the client may have overlooked, so that you can deliver comprehensive legal advice that caters to their broader needs and objectives
  • Provide your client with advice that takes into account the bigger picture and assists them to manage their life in a way that accords with their wishes and provides them with physical and financial security.

A multidisciplinary and practical resource

Elder Law in Practice is a unique point of reference because it draws on the various areas of law that affect older people and synthesises the relevant content into one convenient volume. It also takes a practical approach, so you can quickly identify the key issues, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of specific courses of action.

Elder Law in Practice is concise and easy to navigate.


Each topic is specifically tailored to the unique legal issues faced by older people, unlike any other service available.


In each chapter, the relevant principles are outlined, and issues that may arise in practice are reviewed. In addition, we offer tips and identify common traps.


The key points in each chapter are highlighted. The reader is also provided with:








Most importantly, Elder Law in Practice provides the practical tools you need in order to understand this area of law, and enables you to deliver highly customised advice to your older clients.

Concise and easy to navigate



Case Studies

What does Elder Law in Practice cover?

Aged-care facilities


Working with elderly clients


Financial elder abuse


Substitute decision-making


Social security pensions


Health and end-of-life


Wills and succession


Family law issues




Retirement villages


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