Parliamentary monitoring service
Capital Monitor service from LexisNexis focuses primarily on Australian Commonwealth government policy information and its development, however provides broad coverage of Federal, State and Territory parliaments, governments, agencies, Courts and political parties.

Avoid information overload – filtered news
Capital Monitor service will save you time to concentrate on your real tasks of working to have policy changed, anticipating policy changes, interpreting policy changes, responding to policy changes or handling issues. You no longer need to spend time gathering the public information or having your work negated by unidentified policy changes.

Flexible delivery options
The Capital Monitor service supplies information about developments in one or more policy areas to you, as an individual recipient, however it can be expanded to supply to multiple addressees. It is normally delivered via e-mail, but RSS feeds, organisation-wide Intranets and automated systems are also available.

Electronic reference library
As soon as the material has been forwarded to subscribers, it is indexed on the Capital Monitor website where it becomes part of an electronic reference library, accessible to you as a subscriber. The website also provides a range of other automated facilities to support subscribers.

Capital Monitor offers eight specialist topic e-newsletters, designed to provide you with timely information on specific areas of interest - all in one convenient email and/or online. The information is delivered direct to your inbox and remains live on our newsletter website for up to three months where you can access it when you need it. Learn more about Capital Monitor Newsletters.

Call our experts
Subscribers can also call on our staff, either to assist them in their use of the website facilities or to undertake research.

More information
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