Privacy Policy

When you browse Capital Monitor's website, our system automatically records your visit and logs the following information that is maintained for statistical analysis: your IP address, the date and time of your browsing, the pages you read, the type of browser you use, and which documents you downloaded.  Capital Monitor's website is cookie-free.  We do not record your identity or any other information.

The data our systems collate is compiled with other logs of activity on our website that is statistically analysed, and compiled into an overall management report, without reference to any specific identities.

If you are a visitor to our website, and not a subscriber, we do not record your identity or e-mail address, unless you choose to send us a message, or apply for a service.  Your e-mail address will then be used only for that purpose.

If you are a subscriber, your User ID is recorded against those records of any documents downloaded from billable collections.  This is used only for billing purposes and statistical reporting of the patterns of downloads made in any calendar month by all subscribers, or to alert our management to possible abuse of your own User ID/password.

Any e-mail addresses provided to Capital Monitor will only be used for the purposes they were provided.  Capital Monitor and LexisNexis will not disclose your e-mail address to others without your prior approval.

Similarly, Capital Monitor and LexisNexis will not disclose the names of our subscribers or their interests to any person without the prior consent of the subscriber.