Outline of the Service

What You Get and How Much You Pay

A subscription to the Capital Monitor service provides:

  • relevant Commonwealth material delivered to your desk within minutes;
  • our Federal Bills Monitor and/or the Diary e-mailed (free options);
  • our electronic Canberra newsletter, listing policy developments across all portfolio areas (to help remind you what happened);
  • access to an enormous electronic library, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a variety of facilities and features to help you quickly find what you need for research or other monitoring purposes;
  • staff support - telephone alerts and assistance, and periodic visits to discuss the service and assist with any training

The material provided is the original statement, regulation, Bill, report, etc, in PDF format, normally attached to the alerting e-mails.

What you are buying when you subscribe is time. For information on our charges for all of our services click here.

The cost of more complex Capital Monitor services, eg to multiple users and/or via Intranets, is available on request but, as stated, we recommend that new users start by gaining experience with a single-user service. You really have to experience this service to appreciate how it can be used assist your organisation.

Services Agreement

Subscribers who subscribe to a Capital Monitor service are obliged to accept the terms and conditions in the Services Agreement as part of their subscription. A copy of the Service Agreement can be found here.

The Services Agreement requires that subscribers, amongst other things, agree that they:

  • will not sell the news or information they are supplied;
  • will not forward news and information provided as part of the Capital Monitor service outside of their office (ie, physical location) until the following business day; and
  • accept copyright and intellectual property rights contained in some of the materials supplied as part of the Capital Monitor service.

Subscribers can, of course use the contents, ie the implications, of the information we supply immediately in their own material, for example as the basis of the subscriber's opinions, comment, advice or instructions. They are just not permitted to distribute the actual documents on the same working day.

If you have any queries about any aspect of this Agreement, or wish to vary the Agreement to suit your particular requirements, we will be happy to discuss these matters with you. For example, if subscribers work as part of a geographically dispersed but integrated functional unit, their Capital Monitor service(s) may need to operate under a variation of the standard Services Agreement.

Delivery of Material

Within minutes, our staff will deliver a copy of the announcement - press release, regulation, bill, report, gazette notice, etc. Delivery will be via e-mail, RSS feed or an Intranet page, as determined by you. You decide whether to read, keep, print, etc the material itself, which will have been either attached to the e-mail or, if a very large file, hyperlinked for immediate downloading.

Telephone Alerts

If something happens (or is about to happen) that is about your organisation, we will call you immediately.  These calls are part of our service.

Website Access

In addition to receiving your news by e-mail or RSS as it happens, you will be given your own User ID and password to allow you to access the Capital Monitor website to conduct research, check developments or use the automated support tools. You can use these facilities at any time or from anywhere.

Hours of operation

The website is available to you 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can e-mail help@capmon.com or call our office on 02 6273 4899, for further assistance.

Our normal office hours are 08.00-18.00 AEST Monday to Friday and 10.00-14.00 on Sundays but, if you call our office outside those hours, our duty News Manager will assist you.

Your Brief

We will discuss the kind of subjects you need, and develop your initial monitoring brief from that. If your information needs change, just let us know.

Call us on 02 6273 4899, or complete our online Subscription Inquiry form and we will call you to discuss your requirements.

Changes to your brief

Public policy issues are dynamic, your organisation's functions and structures may change, and we want to ensure you stay ahead of any developments that are important to you. Through the Capital Monitor service, we will let you know about emerging issues, or matters about to happen, which could be important for you. You will need to let us know about changes in focus at your end.

Generally, you will need to contact help@capmon.com if you want us to modify your primary monitoring brief.

You can also use our online systems (Digests and What's New Topics) to monitor the States or the Courts, or keep an eye on additional subjects. These automated tools give you flexibility in what you want monitored by our website system, and how and when you are alerted by those automated systems, but they are quite separate from your primary news service, which is operated by LexisNexis staff.