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The Canberra Newsletter, is provided to all news subscribers as part of their subscription.
A NSW Newsletter, is available on subscription, as well as a newsletter covering the Victorian Parliament, the Parliamentary Monitor (Victoria), (also available on subscription)

All previous copies of these newsletters are indexed and filed for later search and retrieval on our website.

Canberra Newsletter

At the end of each Parliamentary sitting week, a weekly Canberra Newsletter is published, and a copy is sent to every subscriber free, as part of their subscription.  The weekly Canberra Newsletters are then consolidated into a monthly Canberra Newsletter.

The Canberra Newsletter provides a snapshot of every policy development, portfolio-by-portfolio, a listing of each Proclamation and Taxation Ruling made, details of forthcoming legislation, and an Editorial Comment, which puts some of the policy and politics into perspective.

The Canberra Newsletter aims to give you a quick reference to everything that has happened in Canberra during the period under review.  Each report is linked to the source document on our website, allowing you fast access to anything you might need.

It is published in HTML format, allowing quick reading and easy navigation for readers. 

NSW Newsletter

The NSW Newsletter is published each Monday.  It is available as an optional extra for subscribers who also need to watch the NSW Government and Parliament.

The NSW Newsletter lists major press statements made during the previous week, all reports presented, each new regulation made, and then lists all Assents, Proclamations, Orders, Rules, etc and new Bills presented to the Parliament.  The NSW Newsletter also contains our NSW Bills Monitor.

Again, each listing is linked to the source document.  It also is published in HTML.

The NSW Newsletter is $44 per month

Victorian Newsletter

Our Melbourne office is located in the Victorian Parliament's Press Gallery and, in addition to providing real-time monitoring, publishes the Parliamentary Monitor (Victoria) each Friday. A copy is sent to all our subscribers who elect to subscribe to this service.

This newsletter covers everything that has happened the Victorian Parliament and Government during that week.  It reports on each new Bill presented, all debates, questions, statements and papers tabled in each House, all new regulations, reports, and inquiries.  It also lists each of the press statements made by the Government, Opposition and others.

The Victorian Parliamentary Monitor is $66 per month

Parliamentary Directory

The Parliamentary Directory, is published in a loose-leaf folder for your office bookshelf with updates posted every two months Subscribers who take up this option also get access to continually updated information in a special area on our website. That part of the website also contains our CVs of all Federal Parliamentarians.

The Parliamentary Directory lists details of all Members, Senators, party composition, the Ministry, Shadow Ministry and the Democrats' portfolio responsibilities and staff.  It also provides all details on every Committee - Cabinet, Caucus, Opposition and Parliamentary, as well as the latest listing of all members of the Federal Parliamentary Press Gallery.  Also included are the latest lists from each of the State Parliaments, the ACT and the Northern Territory. Thus you have all the information you need, in all Parliaments in Australia, in one handy resource.

The 2005 subscription for the Parliamentary Directory is $200.

Just call or e-mail us if you would like to receive The Parliamentary Directory.

Press Releases

We can quickly print, copy and circulate your press releases in the Press Gallery in the Federal Parliament in Canberra.  In that way, in addition to the major media, the Prime Minister, Opposition, Democrats and the Parliamentary Library also receive the material directly.

We can photocopy your press statement from a fax or e-mail (news@capmon.com) on to plain paper or, if you want to make a better impression, you can provide us, in advance, with some of your letterhead. (We keep it safely).

Alternatively, if time permits, you could forward 125 copies of your press statement with instructions about the timing of distribution.  Don't forget, if you want the media to use the statement, they will want the copy immediately after it has been released - two days late is days too late!.

Subscribers also e-mail to news@capmon.com their own press releases, studies, etc, for use by our News Managers. If considered to be of policy significance in the current environment, they may be distributed to other subscribers, as part of our news services. There is no charge for this but we reserve the right to decide whether the press statement warrants e-mailing as a policy matter.

Press Conferences

Our staff attends all major press conferences and lockups.  In general, we will make prior arrangements with you to supply relevant information quickly.  If you know of a press conference that you want us to attend or monitor, please let us know.


If you need information beyond what is on our website, call us.  In many cases we can provide the answers immediately, which is part of the service. If the research looks like requiring significant resources, we will let you know and provide an estimate.

We has access to a vast range of material reaching back to 1900, so that we can provide information about new and historical political decisions and personalities, debates, gazettes, statutory rules, and more.  The resources available are quite extensive.

Please contact us for further information.

Archives and Document retrieval

We keeps a paper copy of all Canberra press releases, Hansards, transcripts, Gazettes, Bills, 2R Speeches, EMs, Reports, etc.  These files go back to 1 January 1990.

We keep about 12 months material to hand - the rest is stored in our secure archives off-site in Canberra.  We are able to retrieve these files quickly and supply you with a copy whenever needed, for example for court cases.

Please contact us for further information.