Capital Monitor offers eight specialist topic e-newsletters, designed to provide you with timely information on specific areas of interest - all in one convenient email and/or online. The information is delivered direct to your inbox and remains live on our newsletter website for up to three months where you can access it when you need it.

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Industrial Relations Monitor summarises the previous week's developments in the industrial relations/workplace reforms area, crucial to stay ahead of the current Work Choices environment.

Corporations Law Monitor captures the previous week's changes and developments in corporations law, including debate by stakeholders, state and federal legislative developments, regulations and relevant court decisions, enabling you to protect your business from upcoming changes that could impact you.

Legal Awareness Bulletin is a fortnightly publication specifically designed for the banking and finance sectors. It covers a range of topics, from federal, state and industry sources, aimed at those working within the legal departments of banks and other financial institutions.

Anti-Money Laundering is a fortnightly newsletter, with live as-it-happens online updates, providing subscribers with the latest developments of the Government's new law.

Climate Change Monitor, the hottest topic on the political and public policy agenda. This weekly newsletter, with live as-it-happens on-line updates, provides subscribers with the latest legislative and public policy developments and debate from all federal, state and territory jurisdictions.

Superannuation This weekly newsletter contains State and Federal policy announcements in the area of Superannuation, enabling you to keep up-to-date with developments including financial service reforms, Government initiatives and response from Industry.

Housing This weekly newsletter contains State and Federal policy announcements in the area of Housing. Major areas include building and construction, affordable housing programs, homelessness, rental and real-estate and much more.

Indigenous Affairs This weekly newsletter contains State and Federal policy announcements in the area of Indigenous Affairs. With the Federal Government’s ongoing intervention program, this newsletter tracks the progress of the implementation of this major policy initiative and includes information on Education, Employment, Health, Housing and much, much more.

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