Intranet Services

Capital Monitor are able to provide the Capital Monitor service and information pages as an Intranet (or integrated as part of existing Intranets) in your organisation.

This provides wide access to our news and information services across your organisation, allowing your staff to be kept informed of what is important to them.

We are able to build and maintain the Intranet service, so there are no IT outlays from your end. The service relies on a fixed IP Address, and can be badged with your logo and use your organisation's colours and styles.

In addition to displaying the Capital Monitor search pages, your Intranet pages can display any of the What's New Topics, plus any specific issue or competitive intelligence topics that your firm or organisation may want to cover, and which your Intranet Administrator creates. You can also display any of the Capital Monitor standard browser pages (eg Bills Monitor, Tax Rulings, High Court). This is just a matter of choosing what is best suited for your own purposes.

The Intranet service can also provide all your staff with access to all our historical archives and search facilities.

The service appears in your corporate style - logo, colour, etc - and can sit seamlessly within your own corporate Intranet. Your Intranet can be set up and deployed across all desktops within your organisation very quickly - the main delays tend to be the subscribers deciding on matters of style, and choosing what is to be displayed.

Intranet Features

The Capital Monitor Intranet service puts the Capital Monitor website service on the desktops of everyone in your organisation. While the benefits of providing the search facilities are obvious, having Intranet access also allows your staff to refer in their work, eg internal News Alerts and opinions, to Capital Monitor material by hyperlinks. Those hyperlinks allow access to the documents to anyone in your organisation, without having to distribute the PDF files across your IT systems.

There are no charges for downloads through Intranets.

We can even host your own data and make it available through your Intranet.  This includes being able to make files searchable, using our search engine, and providing the facility for you to upload any new data.

Intranet Fees

The Capital Monitor Intranet services are charged at a flat-fee: no download charges, no extras or hidden costs. The service is simple to budget for and to administer.

The subscription is based on the number of people using your Intranet, and the number of librarians or others requiring special, ie individual, access or support (like receiving e-mail news services). The per capita costs for most organisations are less than the cost of a daily newspaper.

Further Information on Intranets

Good planning is required for a successful Intranet. We will work closely with you to ensure that you get what you want to achieve, within your required budget.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any queries or if you would like to discuss the service further.

Related Website Services

Similarly Capital Monitor can provide news and information for you to display on your Internet or Extranet websites.

These pages can be dynamically updated so that they continuously display the latest information.  This stimulates visitors to return to your website, being attracted by current news displays.  The service also demonstrates to your visitors that your firm is constantly abreast of the latest developments in your industry.

Capital Monitor also provides subscribers with Tickers which are used to display the latest headlines in a range of areas.  These are made available for no charge for subscribers to use on their own websites.

If you are interested in any of these services, we would be happy to discuss how we can help.  Please do not hesitate to contact Capital Monitor either by ‘phone (02 6273 4899) or by e-mail.