Fees and Charges

Capital Monitor will provide you with a firm quote for any of our services. We will work with you to make sure you get the service you need to fit within your budget, and to make sure that you can plan confidently with this budget. There will be no surprises.

The following information is provided as a guide. Please contact us to get a quote on the service you need.


Capital Monitor prices its services based on the number of topics (or subjects) that the subscriber wants covered, and the level of service required, ie the discernment required to satisfy your information requirements.

Please call us on 02 6273 4899 to discuss your brief or mention your interest to your LexisNexis Account Manager. Typically many issues overlap and Capital Monitor treats them as the one issue. Your LexisNexis Account Manager will be pleased to discuss these with you, and provide a firm quote.

We strongly recommend you undertake a three-month trial of the Capital Monitor service. After this, you can elect to receive a 10% discount for paying your subscription annually in advance, commencing at a time to suit your budget arrangements.

Please note that LexisNexis expects prompt payment of accounts for Capital Monitor Services. Our terms are 30 days for payment and overdue payments may be subject to an administrative charge.

Intranet Services

Capital Monitor are able to provide the Capital Monitor service and information pages as an Intranet (or integrated as part of existing Intranets) in your organisation.

There is an establishment fee to cover the cost of the IT work to set up the Intranet pages to meet your operational requirements and integrate them with your organisation's existing Intranet. We can discuss these with you prior to commencement of any work.

Once established, your Intranet service is charged at a flat-fee - there are no extra charges, hidden costs or surprises when operating it. A minimum 12-month contract is required and it is invoiced monthly in arrears or annually in advance, by negotiation.

The service requires a fixed IP Address (or range) to be supplied by the client organisation, plus certification of the number of users in your organisation.

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact Capital Monitor.