Content & Coverage

The following section details what Capital Monitor service will monitor for you, and what is available to you in each of our historical collections.

Commonwealth policy issues form the basis of our primary monitoring service that is delivered to you during the day.

The Capital Monitor service also keeps an eye on what happens in the States and the Territories, and in the Courts which, as explained, is generally provided to subscribers by self-selected automated means - What's New Topics, Digest e-mails, etc. Subscriber-selected automated delivery mechanisms are offered because not all subscribers are interested in State and lower court material all of the time, and some of this material may have taken several days to be made public.

Capital Monitor's services vary for each jurisdiction and these are outlined below.

Commonwealth Parliament & Government

LexisNexis employs professional staff in Parliament House, Canberra, watching what is said, released, tabled or published in the Parliament, the Government or the High Court, including their websites, for inclusion in the Capital Monitor service   This is our primary service to you: if anything is released and it affects the subjects we are monitoring for you, then we will send you a copy immediately.

This includes (but is not limited to):

  • Press releases, transcripts, statements, etc, from the Government, departments and agencies, the Opposition, minor parties, companies and special interest groups,
  • Gazette items,
  • Hansard extracts,
  • Policy papers, reports, Inquiries, discussion papers and guidelines
  • Ministerial Determinations, Orders, statements
  • Legislation - Bills, Acts and Regulations, including Second Reading Speeches, Explanatory Memorandum, Explanatory Statements, Amendments, etc,
  • High Court judgments,
  • Tax Rulings, and
  • A range of other material including material e-mailed or posted to web pages by Government departments and agencies at various times.


The Capital Monitor service monitors all judgments, decisions or determinations of the:

  • High Court;
  • Federal Court, including tribunals such as the Australian Competition Tribunal, Australian Copyright Tribunal, etc;
  • Federal Magistrates Court;
  • Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT);
  • Superannuation Complaints Tribunal;
  • Migration Review Tribunal;
  • National Native Title Tribunal
  • (NNTT), including their Timelines; and
  • State & Territory Supreme
  • Courts

We will deliver to you any High Court decision, if it is relevant to your brief, because it is 'policy'.  This is part of your Capital Monitor subscription.

Other court or tribunal decisions are on our website, and available through searching, or you can keep an eye on them using What's New Topics and their associated Digest e-mails. Quite often court decisions cause policy changes, so subscribers need to be aware of them.

The collections of most kinds of Commonwealth material date back to January 1990, with full-text indexed, downloadable material available from the Capital Monitor website from the start of the Howard Government in March 1996.


The States and Territories

For Quick Info (ACT, NT, NSW, Qld, SA, Tas, Vic, WA)

The Capital Monitor service provides you with a series of collections covering each of the States and the Territories (ACT & NT).In some instances, State policy developments interact with Commonwealth policy matters. On the other hand some subscribers need to follow closely State issues in particular States.

You can use automated facilities like What's New Topics or Digests to monitor any of the States for any subject matter, or mentions of any specific issue, company or person.  This will ensure that you are kept alert to anything that happens in those States.

The services covering each of the States and Territories vary slightly and are being developed continuously.  Some have been in existence for many years, and have more historical material in their collections.  This can be established by a quick search, displaying results in ascending date order (remembering to tick all the archive years), however the following information is provided as a guide:

Australian Capital Territory

The Capital Monitor service collects and files all press statements issued by members of the ACT Legislative Assembly, as well as Gazettes, Bills, Acts, Regulations, ACT Supreme Court Judgments and other related material.

We e-mail any generally-significant ACT policy material as part of our normal Capital Monitor service because ACT and Commonwealth policy developments are often intertwined.

The ACT material dates back to January 1990.

A separate database collections for ACT Hansard, Bills, Supreme Court collections and an ACT Main collection of press releases, gazette items, Orders, Determinations, press releases, etc is available, together with an associated separate collection if you want to search just ACT Gazette material.   These separate collections were commenced in late 1997.  Earlier ACT material is filed in our Federal Main collection and in Archives.

Northern Territory

This is the 'youngest' collection.  It contains press releases collected since Dec 2001, Bills since Dec 2001, Hansards since Jan 2003, and NT Supreme Court decisions since early 2001 & NT Gazette since 2007.


In addition to a comprehensive weekly newsletter, the Capital Monitor service provides a number of services for any organisation which is interested in the happenings of the New South Wales Government. Monitoring of New South Wales material commenced in December 1996. Since then, the collection has considerably expanded to include:

  • Transcripts, press statements, proclamations, regulations, gazettes, reports, etc, since December 1996. (With an associated separate collection if you want to search just NSW Gazette material.)
  • Hansard material since November 1996.
  • All Bills presented to the NSW Parliament since May 1999.
  • All Supreme Court decisions that have been reported since December 1997.
  • All our weekly NSW Newsletters, which were started in December 1998.


All statements issued by Qld Ministers are collected and filed immediately they are released. A range of other Qld news and information is also collected.

  • Press statements and other significant material have been collected since early 1997 (With an associated separate collection if you want to search just Qld Gazette material from June 2003);
  • Supreme Court decisions since 1998;
  • Hansard since 1 July 1999;
  • Bills since 1 Jan 1999.

South Australia

All press statements by the South Australian Government are collected and filed, together with SA Supreme Court Judgments, Hansard and Bills, as they are received. The start dates of the South Australian collections are as follows:

  • Press releases and other significant documents since the end of 1997 (With an associated separate collection if you want to search just SA Gazette material.)
  • Supreme Court decisions since December 1997
  • Hansard since 1 Jul 1999
  • Bills since late 2002


All press statements by the Tasmanian Government are collected and filed here, together with their Supreme Court Judgments, as they are received.  The start dates of Tasmanian collections are:
  • Press releases and other significant documents since the end of 1997
  • Supreme Court decisions since December 1997
  • Hansard since 1 Jul 1999
  • Bills since late 2002


Capital Monitor has offices in the Parliamentary Press Gallery in Melbourne and provides detailed services covering the Victorian Parliament and Government: The start dates of the Victorian material is as follows:

  • All statements made by Victorian Government Ministers since December 1997. In Feb 2003, with the establishment of CM Password, this was expanded to include all press statements, as well as all Gazettes, parliamentary reports, Regulations, Orders, parliamentary papers, etc, etc (With an associated separate collection if you want to search just VIC Gazette material.)
  • Hansard since November 1999
  • Bills since March 2000
  • Supreme Court decisions reported since November 1997
  • Newsletters since January 2000

Western Australia

This collection was started in late 1997.  All press statements by the West Australian Government are collected and filed here, together with their parliamentary material, as they are received. The dates of the WA collections are as follows:

  • Main (Ministerial press releases and other significant documents) - since the end 1997
  • Gazettes since January 2004
  • Bills since January 2002
  • Hansard since sittings started in 2002
  • Supreme Court decisions since January 2002