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Capital Monitor

Powerful political, parliamentary, legislative and regulatory monitoring services

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Capital Monitor provides parliamentary, political, legislative, regulatory and judicial news and information to its subscribers almost as soon as it is available. The team are located in the Press Gallery within Parliament House in Canberra where they filter news and information before distributing it by e-mail to subscribers according to their monitoring briefs.

All content is updated on Capital Monitor's comprehensive database which allows you to conduct keyword search anytime, on any jurisdiction and for content from 1996 onwards. This ensures you have the very latest news and information via subscribed alerts or search, when you want it.

Customisable to your organisation's needs, monitor updates of relevant information via one login and/or your own intranet site.

  • e-Newsletters

    Capital Monitor also publishes specialist topic e-Newsletters, designed to provide you with timely information on specific areas of interest. E-newsletters are sent to your inbox and are available on the Capital Monitor website for up-to three months.

    Topics include: Industrial Relations; Corporations Law; Legal Awareness; Anti-Money Laundering; Climate Change; Superannuation; Housing; and Indigenous Affairs. Jurisdiction-based e-Newsletters are also available for Federal, NSW & Victoria.

    Ask us about producing a customised e-Newsletter for your organisation.

  • Media

    Press releases, transcripts and other related statements and reports.

  • Legislation

    Parliamentary papers, reports, Bills, Acts, Regulations and associated information (Second Reading speeches, Explanatory Memorandums, Digests), Hansard materials, Rulings, Determinations, Ministerial Directions and other legislative instruments, Gazettes (Commonwealth, State and Territory).

  • Courts decisions

    High Court, Federal Court, AAT, Federal Magistrate's Court, Family Court, other Commonwealth Tribunals, State Supreme Courts.