Safeguard your practice management solution with LexisCare, our support package that is included in your subscription.

Your subscription ensures access to our team of local, dedicated experts who can provide your firm with technical support and assistance. LexisCare entitles you to:

Access to the 1800 Helpline
Access to the LexisCare Service Centre web site
Access to Lexis Affinity Library User’s Groups
End of financial year notes
Updates to licensed software
Enhancement notices describing features in new versions of licensed software
Online precedent updates for precedent library subscribers software

Lexis Consulting Services can also provide software training and assist with the implementation of Lexis Affinity Library.

System Requirements

For more information about the system requirements for Lexis Affinity Library, please contact Customer Relations on 1800 772 772
Simple yet powerful and flexible software – grows with your business

Lexis Visualfiles provides your organisation with a solid foundation from which to develop further business solutions. This approach helps future proof your investment and avoid the risk of over spending. Delivering benefits through incremental change is often more acceptable to end-users and helps encourage system take-up.

Lexis Visualfiles provides a range of additional components including; operational risk management, online client access, scanning, integrated know how and dynamic performance dashboards. Lexis Visualfiles can also be integrated with your existing practice management systems.

Through this simple integration, significant benefits can be achieved in terms of:

• Streamlining client and matter inception
• Time recording
• Cost-estimate monitoring
• Disbursement processing
• Billing
• Matter closure
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