Other Complementary Products Available

Lexis Affinity Library integrates with a number of other LexisNexis online and software based solutions that will save you time, and money to get it right.

LexisNexis Online Research Solutions

Precedent Libraries

Lexis Direct Stationery - A range of storage materials, cheques and receipts, which will facilitate the efficient running of the office with optimum security, and in conformity with the standards of professional bodies and their regulations.

Lexis CliNet - Provides a range of tools to enhance the productivity of your staff. It is a secure web enabled application used for sharing information between Lexis Affinity Library, and your customers.

Simple yet powerful and flexible software ・grows with your business

Lexis Visualfiles provides your organisation with a solid foundation from which to develop further business solutions. This approach helps future proof your investment and avoid the risk of over spending. Delivering benefits through incremental change is often more acceptable to end-users and helps encourage system take-up.

Lexis Visualfiles provides a range of additional components including; operational risk management, online client access, scanning, integrated know how and dynamic performance dashboards. Lexis Visualfiles can also be integrated with your existing practice management systems.

Through this simple integration, significant benefits can be achieved in terms of:

・/span> Streamlining client and matter inception
・/span> Time recording
・/span> Cost-estimate monitoring
・/span> Disbursement processing
・/span> Billing
・/span> Matter closure
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