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Supplier News

- As of March 11, 2008 the following publications (Florida Criminal Sentencing Law ; Florida Evidence Code Trial Book: Objections, Offers of Proof, Rulings on Record and Limiting Instructions) are now permantely out of print and have been taken off Lexis.com.

If there is a source that you would like to see on LexisNexis please let us know by filling out our New Source Request form.

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Major Australian Content Suppliers

Below is a selection of some of LexisNexis' major Australian content suppliers.

Major Australian Content Suppliers


Major Australian Publications

Below is a selection of some of LexisNexis' major Australian publications which form part of the 12,000 news and business sources LexisNexis provide globally.

Major Australian Publications
Major Australian Newspapers



Quest Cumberland

Major Australian Newswires
Major Australian Industry Publications



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Major Australian Transcripts


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