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Cases and Materials on Contract Law in Australia - 5th Edition

J W Carter, Elisabeth Peden, G J Tolhurst

Written by three of Australia’s leading authorities in contract law, this edition is fully revised and updated and has been restructured. It includes many new features designed to help students develop their intuition in approaching contract law as well as strengthening their ability to solve legal problems in practice.

This Edition:

  • is completely restructured into 40 concise chapters to enable students to locate the information quickly’;

  • includes two new chapters – the “Role of Good Faith” and “Assignment of Contractual Rights”;

  • considers possible future developments under the heading “Reform”;

  • introduces students to contract law in a logical order, taking them incrementally through the complexities and issues arising during the contract lifecycle;

  • provides interactive text features to guide students through the key concepts and ideas at every stage and assist them to develop their analytical and legal reasoning skills;

  • uses icons to pinpoint the innovative features of the book;

  • includes a clear case analysis with strong focus on the principal cases and statutes in each area demonstrating how to work through the issues raised;

  • provides in addition to the cases, extracts of principal statutes, some cases from jurisdictions outside Australia, journal extracts and extensive commentary and discussion on the extracts;

  • offers problem questions and hints mostly based on case law; and

  • focuses on the principal cases which give rise to authoritative decisions, but also includes illustrative cases which highlight important issues.

Cases and Materials on Contract Law in Australia - 5th Edition
Soft Cover ISBN: 9780409323641
Price: $139.00 (incl GST)
Publication Date: December 2007

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